Ruumi ventilatsiooniagregaat Roomie Dual

Ruumi ventilatsiooniagregaat Roomie Dual

Ruumiagregaat Roomie Dual

Single room ventilator providing balanced ventilation with heat recovery. Controlled with remote controller or the integrated control panel.

Roomie Dual provides balanced ventilation with heat recovery in single rooms. Two fans provides continuous balanced supply and extract air. Heat energy is recovered from the extract air in a ceramic heat exchanger providing tempered and filtrated supply air. An electrician is not needed as the unit is supplied with a assembled cable with plug. During warm periods the ventilator can be set to ventilation mode which gives ventilation without heat recovery. Roomie Dual can be installed in wet rooms and have filter warning, humidity sensor and timer functions. When activated by the humidity sensor both fans extract air until humidity level is normalized. Can be connected to an external control via a potential-free input or 0-10 V input.

  • Continous balanced ventilation for single rooms.
  • Provides fresh, filtered and tempered air.
  • Heat recovery, 70-80 %.
  • Easy to install.

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