Ruumi ventilatsiooniagregaat Eq2

Ruumi ventilatsiooniagregaat Eq2

Ruumiagregaat Flexit Eq2

Set of two single room ventilators providing balanced ventilation with heat recovery to larger rooms. Controlled with one common control panel.

Flexit single room ventilator Eq 2 consists of two room ventilators providing balanced ventilation with heat recovery in single rooms. While one of the room ventilators is extracting polluted air, the other one is supplying tempered and filtered fresh air. The two room ventilators switches between supply and extract air every 70 seconds. Both units are controlled by a common control panel connected through signal cables. During warm periods the room ventilators can be set to ventilation mode which provides ventilation without heat recovery. Eq2 is equipped with filter warning and timer function and is suited for rooms between 10-25 m2.

  • Continous balanced ventilation for single rooms.
  • Provides fresh, filtered and tempered air.
  • Heat recovery, 70-80 %.
  • Suited for larger rooms.
  • Easy to install.

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