Filtriseade Jumbo Filtertrolley

Filtriseade Jumbo Filtertrolley

Quiet and mobile for clean air at any workplace

This highly mobile ULT Jumbo filter trolley is a basic unit for many variants of use.
By means of various filter inserts and suction elements, it can be variably matched to any needs and requirements.
You can use this unit for extracting and filtering finest dust, soldering smoke or solvent vapours.

See yourselves how many advantages this unit offers:

Handy and compact
The Jumbo can be easily transported in any car. This is why it is particularly suitable for changing places of use.

Functional design
You can use this unit either standing upright or lying. So it can also be fitted under a working table without any problems.

Easy to operate
The ULT Jumbo allows the use of different filters within one unit by easy interchange. Filter recycling is one of our services we offer. Electronic volumetric flow control and filter monitoring make operation easier.

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